Thinking about how I’m going to distribute the book when it’s done

One of the things I love about our modern society is that there are opportunities to distribute artistic accomplishments.   There are a few people who are very successful at it, and they get rich; but let’s face it, that type of success is akin to reading about lottery winners.  It’s very rare, lucky.  However, there is a far great chance at being successful at your own endeavor than winning the lottery.   

I don’t play the lottery.  It makes me sad to walk into a Seven-Eleven spending money hoping to be a mulit-millionaire.  I think it does something to my psyche – to think that I might actually win.   The way I envision success is through some sort of achievement that other people find interesting and useful, and it reaches a threshold to where you can actually quite your full time job, and make a living doing it.  

I like my job, and if I didn’t come here everyday, I’d miss it.  As trying as it may be sometimes, there’s nothing more enjoyable than interacting with kids.  But I have to think about how I’m going to get the book out there, and share it with others.  

This is what I think I might do: 

1) Write the book

2) Blog about writing the book

3) Finish the book

4) Make a trailer about the book

5) Give away the book at first

6) Sell the book for a modest price. ninety-nine cents to 2.99. I don’t know.  


The important thing is to find a fulfilling way to spend my free time.  I notice that when I get bored I begin to feel empty, and when I feel empty, I get sad.  When I get sad, well…I’m unhappy.  

In the end the writing is to make me happy and fulfilled.  To have other people read the book would make me even happier and more fulfilled, of course.  I think I can actually do it.  I feel like I can have fun with it, and my writing will help me navigate through the melancholy and emptiness that’s been with me most of my life.  



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